Products I Have Used up Haul March 2016

The empties bag is full and time to sort though them all to see what I have used up in the past few months.


Bathroom Storage – Spring Clean

Final day of my big spring clean and I am tackling the bathroom… well the bathroom draws as I don’t keep anything else in the bathroom other than this.

I also had to film in my bedroom due to where the draws are in my bathroom and the noise of the fan would have been very distracting as well.

Nail Varnish Organisation – Spring Clean

So my nail vanish collection was not working for me so I decided to go with a beautifully organised nail varnish stand. It will also help me not buy any more nail varnishes as they all fit perfectly.


5 Tier Nail Polish stand:…
(I will say that all the other reviews for this was positive and is a great stand so don’t let the fact that mine came minus one hole put you off buying it)


Makeup Collection – Spring Clean

Today I am organising my makeup collection and sorting it out to a new set up which will make it more easy to see what I am working with.

Make sure that you stick around for my other Spring cleaning videos!




My last makeup cleanse and organisation:

OSCO Acrylic Letter Holder:…

Beautify 6 Tier Clear Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Cube Organise:…

Decluttering Tips – Spring Clean

I am uploading every day this week Mon-Fri as part of a spring cleaning mini-series.

And to start it all off I am going to give my tips to spring cleaning and more specifically how to declutter your makeup, cosmetics and wardrobe.

I will be showing you some of this spring cleaning in the next week!