My 3 Minute Morning Makeup

Only got three minutes to do your makeup? Well that is plenty of time!

2 things: one sorry outfit and hair are exact same as last time; I am stuck in a fashion and hair rut. Also runs out voice over in three minutes is harder than doing the makeup.


My top 5 Ciaté nail varnishes

My top 5 favourite nail varnishes (top clockwise) Locket, Hutch, Cookies and Cream, Double Bubblegum and Cutie Pie.

Locket is the most amazing silver glitter shade that has a great amount of foil pieces and glitter to make it an awesome shade for jazzing up any shade base coat.

Hutch is my favourite red by Ciaté because it is a deep red that is perfect for Autumn Winter. I think of this shade like a classic 50’s red lip red – deep and striking.

Cookies and Cream may look quite bland but it is the most perfect nude shade to wear for those occasions where you need your nails to be pretty but understated.

Double Bubblegum is a great shade as it is a blue toned purple which gives wearing a purple shade on your nails look more mature and sophisticated. The light shade is slightly muted so works for all seasons.

Finally we have Cutie Pie and don’t be put off by the name this shade is perfect for that fresh natural nail. If you want a varnish that looks great and perfect for professional wear then look no further.

Spring Smoke – La Palette Nude Rose

So this is my first look using the La Palette Nude Rose from L’Oreal Paris.

I call this spring smoke because it is a soft smokey look that can be worn during the day time or at night. Spring normally has lighter shades yet this look has the matte grey as the base shade with the orange gold over the top creating this smokey gold shade with a hint of shimmer.

I made sure to keep the inner corner very light to make it more suitable for this time of year and the crease matte and free from shimmer to make it more wearable.

I used the lightest white in the inner corner, the light brown in the crease, the grey over the lid and then the orange gold over the top. Then I used the gold wet on the bottom inner half and the grey on the outer half to balance the eye out.
P1010001 P1000997 P1000995 P1000990

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche La Palette Nude Rose

So this is the overview and photos of the L’Oreal Paris Color Riche La Palette Nude Rose palette. It may have one of the longest titles of a palette known to man but it has a really nice diverse range of shades and colours that are perfect for anyone.

I think that this palette would be perfect to travel with as it has both the dark and the light shades in a very sleek package that would be easy to have in your makeup bag.

I am also starting to do some looks so stay tuned for those.

P1000767 P1000756 P1000757 P1000761 P1000765

What’s in My Shower

So this is all the things that I keep in my shower and the absolute essentials that I need and use.

I have very little space in my shower and very little time to shower so I love products that do what they say and that take as little effort as possible.

Jewellery Organisation – Spring Clean

I promise that this will be the last of my Spring cleaning videos! I know I have went a little over board.

Also sorry about outside noise of trains and dogs. Finally warm enough to have the window open and now I remember why you shouldn’t record whilst the window open.


Happiness Planner (undated) Unboxing

This is the unboxing of the updated version of the happiness planner and the 30 daily habits checkboxes.

This is also an overview of the planner as a whole just so if you want to buy it you know what goes on in it.

The Happiness Planner: