My top 5 Ciaté nail varnishes

My top 5 favourite nail varnishes (top clockwise) Locket, Hutch, Cookies and Cream, Double Bubblegum and Cutie Pie.

Locket is the most amazing silver glitter shade that has a great amount of foil pieces and glitter to make it an awesome shade for jazzing up any shade base coat.

Hutch is my favourite red by Ciaté because it is a deep red that is perfect for Autumn Winter. I think of this shade like a classic 50’s red lip red – deep and striking.

Cookies and Cream may look quite bland but it is the most perfect nude shade to wear for those occasions where you need your nails to be pretty but understated.

Double Bubblegum is a great shade as it is a blue toned purple which gives wearing a purple shade on your nails look more mature and sophisticated. The light shade is slightly muted so works for all seasons.

Finally we have Cutie Pie and don’t be put off by the name this shade is perfect for that fresh natural nail. If you want a varnish that looks great and perfect for professional wear then look no further.


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