Packing for a Weekend Away – Clothes

I was away this bank holiday for five days and this is how I pack for five days in a small carry on bag. On Wednesday there will be a full video on what makeup and cosmetics I take with me.


L’Oréal Cushion Foundation First Impressions and Roadtest

Gimmick or great? I wear it for a day to see which it is!

I will have a full review in the next couple of weeks when I have tired it out fully. Also I have used it again since with a little bit of colour matching foundation by The Body Shop and now the colour is much lighter it matches my skin tone really well.

Reaction to my old videos

At my 300 video I decided to react to my old videos that I made over 4 years ago.

Here is to the next 300 videos!


Weight does not matter

Want to just reinforce that this video is to support being happy in your own skin and not being obsessed with weight. As weight is really irrelevant.

I am also only working off my experiences and of those around me so I apologise in advance if I am wrong.


Dorothy Perkins Dress Wish List

I was browsing the Dorothy Perkins website and I found a few items I wish I could have. So these are my picks for when I am out of my overdraft and able to spend freely again!

Dorathy Perkins dresses


Spring Smoke

Using the L’Oreal Paris La Palette Nude in Rose to create a smokey spring time look to wear.

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche La Palette Nude Rose First Impressions :








Nail Art Tools from Poundland

So Poundland is a special place in an English girls heart. For my American viewers Poundland is like the Dollar store as the name implies. However they have branched out in to their own makeup and cosmetics and I was in need of nail art tools so I wanted to see if they did some tools.

I originally wanted just dotting tools but when the brushes are so cheep I thought I would just get a pack of dotting tools and brushes. All coming to £2 total.

The dotting tools are really good, the ball head is very smooth making them really easy to use. The marble effect is really pretty and it has a nice expensive feel to them. Which is amazing for only being a pound.

The brushes are quite good. They are a synthetic hair and apply the nail varnish really well. The very long thin brush isn’t too great however the others including the fan brush is really good quality. I also have had no hairs come out of the brush yet.

Another Poundland find! Yet more nail art tools!

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Bioré Cleansing Pore Strips Review

Are these pore strips that cost £1.50 per strip worth the price tag?

Well when something costs £1.50 per sheet there needs to be a full review for it!


TEAL Magazine Front Cover

So this is the front cover for TEAL magazine. This is a basic front cover for the magazine. So the country or place of the month will have the main image with the other features around the side.

Features list down the side are what I am planning to do.

I also still need people to fill out this quick survey about my magazine:

Thanks for all your support.



Contouring for Pale Skin

Adding contouring to very pale skin is quite difficult so I made this to navigate the difficult contouring for pale skin.


May 2016 Skincare and Beauty Haul

So I went shopping and I decided to show you what I got.