Nail Art Tools from Poundland

So Poundland is a special place in an English girls heart. For my American viewers Poundland is like the Dollar store as the name implies. However they have branched out in to their own makeup and cosmetics and I was in need of nail art tools so I wanted to see if they did some tools.

I originally wanted just dotting tools but when the brushes are so cheep I thought I would just get a pack of dotting tools and brushes. All coming to £2 total.

The dotting tools are really good, the ball head is very smooth making them really easy to use. The marble effect is really pretty and it has a nice expensive feel to them. Which is amazing for only being a pound.

The brushes are quite good. They are a synthetic hair and apply the nail varnish really well. The very long thin brush isn’t too great however the others including the fan brush is really good quality. I also have had no hairs come out of the brush yet.

Another Poundland find! Yet more nail art tools!

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