Half Year Review on Blogging Goals

I ma half way through the year and I though that it would be a good time to review the blogging goals that I set out for myself and do a little overview of how everything is going.

Resolutions tend to be forgotten by, lets face it, March and I have forgotten about a lot of the different tasks that I set out for myself in January. So a little re-read of my goals that I set out in a blog posts I am looking at how far I have come and what I am going to do in each way to improve on this.


Goal: 1,000 // Actual: 11,217

Starting off with the big one. I competed the goal in late January and gave myself the second goal of 5,000. I have doubled that goal to be over eleven thousand!

First off I am so grateful for this but also I feel very proud that a channel I have been working on for four years has really, finally, taken off.

I am starting a three video a week schedule again starting this week so Monday, Wednesday and Friday instead of a two video a week. I have changed it because classes have finished and I am less busy and I want to fall back in love with making videos so I am going to force myself to make more.

Subscribers and views however will no longer be a priority in terms of strategy because my main aim is to make quality content and to not focus on figures for the YouTube.


Goal: 200 followers // Actual: 152

So this one still needs a lot of work to it however I have gained a lot more followers since I made my Instagram be more about photography of makeup, food and travel pieces.

I like the way my feed looks now with each photo looking like it belongs next to each other. I have posts about beauty and food pieces as well as daily life instead of what it was like which was a miss match of random things.

I am a lot more thoughtful in what I put on Instagram now and I like it that way because it means that each photo is of good quality and is worth something. Ever since this change I have seen more followers and followers who keep liking my content so I am going to continue with that.

Good photos and being a collection that fits together is my main plan.


Goal: 20k impressions a month // Actual: about that

So impressions are hard to quantify because they change quite a bit. I’ve had an average of around 17k impressions a month if you were to look at an average.

What I am going to do is focus on other people’s twitter and find people I want to follow, bloggers, artists, writers, etc that interest me and from that I will follow them and build up the people I follow and see how they are at posting to gain more views and followers.

I mainly need to learn how to use Twitter more, tweeting isn’t everything in Twitter, and following and looking at others will be a way to see what I can be doing better.

To help build up my ‘brand’ more I will use Tweetdeck to posts content out more regally and to make some older posts get attention. Aim to tweet or use twitter once a day and either tweet or retweet others.

This Blog

Goal: 300 // Actual: 206

So I know I have been neglecting this blog for some time, hell look at the way this post is structured this blog is literally at the bottom of my mind, and you know what I hate that I have this attitude about this.

I love writing and blogging like this, probably more so than video making, so I am just going to do it more.

I am going to post twice a week, and the three video posts, so there will be posts five times a week guys!

So again plan of attack is: posting content and followers will happen. But I will make this blog more diverse than that and be more to do with lifestyle than just beauty. I am a little tired of only posting beauty related things and I need to change if only for the sake of my sanity.

There is nothing wrong with beauty blogs or writing about beauty however I feel that I am repeating the same content over and over again and I hate doing that so I will simply reduce the amount beauty pieces and go more lifestyle.

I thought that I had to just write about beauty because the title is ‘Nerd with a manicure’ and because it has a beauty term in it I have a section just to talk about but I am a nerd with a manicure and I love a wide range of things than just beauty. So I will be more a generalists as I am and not just focus on one thing!


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