Fresh Pasta

1 medium egg

100g of 00 flour

pinch of salt

Sprinkle of semolina

Pasta enough for one person




First you need 00 flour, over in Italy you can really only buy 00 flour in the supermarkets and it is dirt cheep however in England it is more expensive than regular flour and harder to find.

00 is ground fine to make the flour easier to work with and make it more elastic. If you really can’t find it use plain flour.

Put the flour on the counter top and create a hole in the middle and crack the egg in to it and add the pinch of salt. Mix the dough and kneed it until it is smooth; it will feel like play dough not like a bread mix so don’t add any more liquid.

After it is smooth, wrap it in cling film and leave to rest for 20 minutes this makes the gluten in the flour to rest so it can be worked with easier.

Then roll out the dough either through elbow grease or invest in a pasta machine, a good one is around £40 and don’t really bother to go more expensive than that.

After that you can make the shapes, most pasta machines come with tagliatelle or linguini as well.

If making a long stringy pasta put semolina down on the tray to stop the pasta from sticking and don’t use any more flour.

If you can’t find semolina you can hang the pasta out to dry and you need to leave it to dry for around 10 minutes.

Finally time to cook and get a large pit of salted boiling water have a rapid boil. Make sure that whoever you are cooking with is ready to eat because fresh pasta takes around 2-4 minutes to cook. It does depend on how thin your pasta is so check after 2 minutes and you should be done.

This is a simple fresh dish that is perfect for summer.


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