The “no, I am not dead” post

So I opened up my blog to find that I haven’t posted a single thing here for over a month and a half. I last posted on 12th July, and it is now the 29th August. A lot has happened over the past month that explains my absence.

Firstly, I was over in Brittany, which you can see the photos from that holiday over on my Instagram account of the lovely places in the north of France.

I came back and was trying to get a place to do my work experience as part of my course requirements. I got two places, both two weeks long in London during August. One at Northern and Shell in the Sunday supplement section which was S magazine, which is a lifestyle magazine, as well as Big TV. So that was print magazine, and that was incredible there.

The second was at which is the online side of the free magazine Shortlist. This was fast paced and very tiring but so worth it as you can learn so much when writing online and for a deadline. Especially, when I am writing for an audience I have never written for. Young, professional men is a hard voice to crack.

I am also about to finish my Masters and try to get a full-time job. So to say this has taken the back foot is a bit of an understatement, which in a lot of ways I regret because I love blogging, and I want to get involved with it a lot more.

I want to develop this blog, and I have been saying that for months already but now I am going to put some real effort into making this a place which I am proud of.

When I am done with Uni, which will be on Tuesday, I can focus on a variety of different things rather than just doing things for class credit. I haven’t really mentioned this on here before but if you want to see some of my ‘professional’ work then head over to Vicki Evans Portfolio  with all my current job and journalism-related work.

That may not be for everyone but it gives you an insight into other things I do besides vlogging. I do feel that I am in a lifestyle blogging/vlogging hole at the moment and I want to do more things. I also will be incorporating this blog and my Forever the Single Girl blog to one to have more personal pieces on here and more of me. As I never really blog about my life except when it is an update or an apology post like this one.

There will be changes to the look and style of the blog as I have never really been happy with it. I like the basic format but I want it to look slightly more magazine style rather than a personal blog but finding the balance will be hard.

Once again I am on YouTube at Nerd with a Manicure and I have been updating this as I am finding it easier to make videos than write at the moment.

As this is the start of the more personal style to this blog, I will say that I am currently not in a great place in my life and this is part of the reason my content has been so mundane. Being depressed kills creativity for me and I could deal with making videos but not writing.

My life is going better now but my mental health is not 100% yet. Brain and everything else needs to be in gear before I can start producing what I want to but the motivation is sometimes all I need. I know this is not the happiest post you will read from me but I want to be more honest with you guys and try to stop hiding things because it is seen as taboo or too personal.

Anyway, enough of my excuses and crazy life. I shall talk to you guys later