22 Things I have Learnt in 22 Years

It was my birthday on the 15th and here are the 22 things I have learnt in my 22 years!

  1. Gender Roles are bollocks! Feminism FTW!
  2. DTFBA – don’t forget to be awesome.
  3. Accept criticism from those who know best.
  4. Haters gonna hate (hate, hate, hate)
  5. Work hard and keep going – push through!
  6. The pain in your past will help your future.
  7. Let it go (the cold never bothered me anyway)
  8. Push past the creative block!
  9. Being of the same faith doesn’t mean you believe the same things.
  10. Maybe and indecision is okay but sometimes there is only a yes or no.
  11. Invite people to hang out with you.
  12. Be generous – buy that coffee and make that time.
  13. Be kind to shop workers or waitresses.
  14. Grades (numbers, letters) are not important.
  15. Look past a persons race, religion, sexuality, skin colour and see the person beneath.
  16. Help yourself!
  17. Love a range of things.
  18. Confidence comes from within but it is okay to be shy and unsure.
  19. Don’t be placed in a box.
  20. Mental health is like physical health – treat it as such.
  21. Know you can do anything – What can’t I do?
  22. Learn to love yourself. Love may not come from other people or job satisfaction. Be there for yourself – especially when no one else is.

Be brave, be kind, be awesome.


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