An open letter to Instagram

Hello Instagram, my best app-friend,

You have changed a lot over the past few months and I want to discuss this. Call it an intervention or a friend who has your well-being at heart but you are changing and I don’t think you know what you are doing.

First of all, stories.

You are trying to roll with the cool kids and be like your younger counterpart Snapchat but what you are doing is compromising yourself. You are great for beautiful, perfectly shot photos. People spend hours on photos for you but now you want to demean yourself with silly filters and shots that disappear.

You are missing the point of yourself Instagram. People go to Snapchat for those features. They come to you when they look their best and want to show off their flawless lives. Don’t degrade yourself for not being on trend. Be individual.

I know I sound like a mother giving a teenager a pep talk in a crappy rom-com about how the girl doesn’t need to act stupid or degrade herself to fit in with the popular crowd or get the boy. But that is what it feels like.

Be you, Instagram, and realize what you are doing. Don’t be Snapchat and fit in with every other social media site.

We come to brag about how awesome our lives are and to have our best days preserved forever and for them not to disappear after a few seconds.

Now, I am directing this letter to you today because you have done something that is unforgivable, you are getting rid of the maps tool. Your excuse to focus on other features.

Once again you prove that you have no idea why people go to you. The location map is my favorite part of the app as it can guide you to all the things that you have done. Even if I am lost, and I need to remind myself where that cafe was with the amazing brownies.

Get back to your roots Instagram and keep your current features and don’t add or take away without realising what people come to you for.

Instead of changing the interface and the overall feel of Instagram how about you do some serious soul searching of why you are so well loved. You are declining as Snapchat is rising but so is Twitter and they aren’t changing too much.

Social media is changing but keep to what you know and what people are familiar with and you will keep your users. Change too much or act differently and people will quit.

I love you the way you are Instagram. Don’t go changing.

Much love,

A faithful, unless you screw up everything, Instagrammer



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