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A cheeky Bourjois Haul

I went on a little spree the other day and bought some Bourjois products and this is what I got.

First is the La Palette Nudes which is an extremely glittery palette that is full of natural shades with pastels. This is a palette that can used during the day because of the slightly muted shades, but they should be used sparingly as they are very glittery. The lighter colours aren’t too pigmented, but the darker shades are very deep and blendable.

The next thing is the Rouge Velvet lipstick which is one of the best lip stains that lasts all day. The shade is a little on the orange side meaning that it isn’t too wearable for my skin tone but others can use it daily depending on the skin tone.

The Radiance Reveal concealer I picked up because it was actually one of the only conclears that are on the high street market that is in my shade. The shade being extreme pale. It is great for spot and under eye concealing and has a light consistency but is very pigmented.

The last two products are my favourite type of products they don’t do anything special but do the job they set out to do. That is the best type of products. They are the Volume Clubbing Mascara and the Liner Feutre Eye Liner.

Also due to a free offer at Boots half these products were free and came with this awesome bag as you can see below.

Final thing, these photos were posted a while ago as I post haul photos before I test them for the blog so check out my Instagram for my lastest products.

An overview of the @bourjois_uk haul

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Palette Les Nudes from @bourjois_uk

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Nail Varnish Colour Wheel

After my beautiful new organisation system, I wanted something to show off the actual colours of my many nail varnishes. Pots never show the real shades as they can often be much darker or lighter on the nails when painted and died.

I think that the wheel system is so pretty as you can look at all the colours at once. The ones photographed are Ciate, but I also have done the rest of my collection.


There are two main ways to show the colour names:

  1. How I have done it, where I cut out a circle of paper, write the names and then stick it on the wheel. I like this better as it is all there in one place and easy to see in an instant.
  2. Number each nail section and then write the list on a separate piece of paper. This may give a prettier look to the wheel as it doesn’t have scruffy handwriting all over it but it means that you have to keep a piece of paper separate.

img_0121The colour wheels I bought was from Sally’s supply store but you can find them much cheaper online. To be honest, as it is really only a tool that you would use personally unless you are a professional so there is no need to spend big on this.

These ones were an 18 wheel display but come in different sizes if you need bigger or smaller.

Other points to note about this is that for the most part I only used one coat of varnish so I can see how opaque each shade is. For the few that I did two coats I made a small dot on the side to show it had two coats so I can remember what each looked like and how it applied.

Finally, it is just me but I love to put everything in rainbow order. The first wheel I just had creme polishes and the second I mixed the creme with the glitter and shimmer shades.

So that was my little project that I did today, I will sort out the rest of the shades later but I just wanted to get the mass of Ciate shades sorted as those are the ones that I don’t know which are which.

Nail varnish colour wheel (nudes, reds and pinks) // all @ciatelondon

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Nail varnish colour wheel (blues, metallic and glitter) // all @ciatelondon

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Merci Handy hand sanitisers unboxing

The lovely people at Merci Handy have sent me some of my favourite things to try out…

Disclaimer: Merci Handy contact me about this and then gave me the products to test out. I have not been paid to review the products and all opinions are my own.

Instagram and Twitter: @mercihandy
Available in all TOP SHOP stores and on https://en.mercihandy.com/ and I have a free Shipping code: “mercihandylovesuk”