Nail varnish testers

I have very recently started to love doing nail varnish tests on fake nails to see how they will look before I attempt to paint my nails.

I am finally over the stage of wanting to wear fake nails so I have all these fake nails that I am not going to use. What better way to test out new polish designs than on things that I would otherwise throw away.

I know they don’t look as pretty as they would do on my nails but I can keep them as reference.

I will say sponging like for the gradient is far easier than doing it on your nails but there is less mess and clear up so it is swings and roundabouts.

If you have fake nails around the place with nothing to do then this is a great idea to reuse them. I also have a little bag of fake nails with different nail designs so when I need a little piece of inspiration I can reach in there are get some.

Here are a few that I made in the past few weeks:

Original concept for my "Starry night" nails // completed look on my YouTube

A post shared by Vicki Evans (@vickiemilyevans) on

Purple rainbow nail look // #glitter #holo and a #gradient – all good things!

A post shared by Vicki Evans (@vickiemilyevans) on


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