(absolute beginner) Practical guide to a Capsule Wardrobe

This is a little graph that I have created to help out with the initial process of making a capsule wardrobe. It can feel like a huge task and I have broken it down into some small sections to get you started.

I am a big believer in the idea buying smaller amounts of clothes and wearing them creatively rather than have a big wardrobe you never wear. Seasonal or trends come and go but I think it is great to make your own unique style. Add those trend pieces in if you like them but follow your own style rather than fashion.

I have at the bottom listed a few items to get you started if you have no idea where to begin but swap things out for your own looks. I like skirts and dresses but change that up if you feel more comfortable in trousers or you require more jumpers.

Capsule wardrobes serve a purpose and you can create them for different occasions like work or a holiday. My other advice is, don’t stick to it too strictly and mix up pieces. Have a base and then change from that rather than keeping this static.

Feel free to print or adapt this in any way. The PDF is listed at the bottom for your convenience and have fun with it.

My wardrobe tour will be also up soon to see how this is translated into a real life wardrobe.







PDF Printable version


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