Forever the Single Girl: Flowers on Valentine’s Day

I love flowers. They are something that I just have always loved to have in my life. I kill plants but cut flowers I can take care of.

Each Valentine’s Day I just see picture after picture of people receiving flowers.

So for once instead of bitching I decided to buy myself some. If you want something stop waiting around for someone else to do or buy the thing.

The same thing can be said for a ring that I bought. My ideal engagement ring is a six-claw solitaire ring with stones down the side – instead of waiting the many years until I was engaged I just decided to buy the ring myself. It isn’t a diamond but it is a ring that I love.

The same goes for the flowers. Don’t wait for someone to give you something when you can buy the item yourself. If you want flowers then buy flowers.

Final note to end on is the flowers in question, simple yet beautiful carnations the same shade as my favourite lipstick:



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