Supergirl Outfit DIY

So I have been loving the new Supergirl TV remake as it shows Supergirl as a strong heroine but also a normal woman in the 21st century. Yeah she can be crazy strong but she is also vulnerable and is more human than she was portrayed in the comic books.

I loved reading Supergirl comics of my mum’s when I was a kid.

This is a DIY I made a year and a bit ago but never published on this blog. It is a really simple Supergirl outfit that is very cheep and anyone can do!


Medieval Dress, Hair and Makeup

So continuing my trend in posting past videos for you guys. I give you one of my first costume videos a medieval dress and makeup look.

The dress is sold as Smiffy’s “Maid Marion Dress with Head Piece” and you can find it on Amazon or your local fancy dress shop. 

‘Frozen’ Elsa: Outfit, Makeup and DIY Hair Clips

So Halloween is nearly upon us and I thought I would take the Thursday slot for the next few weeks to showcase some of my costume outfits. Some will be DIY others will be cheep ways to make a costume.

Today I am showing you my Elsa videos I love these videos in the collection as it was the first videos of mine that really gained a lot of views and started making my YouTube channel the way it is now.

I will say straight off that the dress for the Elsa look is not a DIY and it was a dress my cousin gave me for my prom. It was hand made by a dress shop in Stafford, UK. Sorry this one is not a DIY but I am still working on a easy way to make this dress. The clips for the hair look is a DIY.




‘Frozen’ Anna: Easy (No Sew) DIY Outfit

So I have had this blog since May 2014 however I have been uploading to YouTube since April 2012 so there are a few videos that I have not featured on this blog so today I am going to start with my most popular series and that is my Frozen themed outfits.

The DIY outfit has over 84,000 views that it just mad!

This is a easy no sew (although you can sew it if you feel so inclined) outfit that is great for parties and cosplay. I also did a makeup and hair tutorial to go with it. Hope you guys like it; more of these posts featuring old content will be up in the next few months.


Tangled Rapunzel’s Costume, Hair and Makeup

Rapunzel’s Makeup:

Rapunzel’s Hair (from the Kingdom scenes) also DIY flower clips:

Rapunzel’s Costume (Really easy costume also easily adaptable for small kids and for gown ups. By the way total cost for everything was under £10.):

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