Bookcase Reshelving and Tour

Bookcase tour and reshelving! Video on my channel // #booktube

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A beautiful shelf // video tour on my #youtube channel

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DIY faux marble desk + desk organisation

My old table was looking a little worn and so this is how I am revamping my space to make it cleaner and more efficient to use.

The whole revamp of the table cost under £10 in total for all the pieces that I added. Putting a little plastic down changes the space so much but is so cheap.

The sticky back plastic I used from Wilko

Jewellery Organisation – Spring Clean

I promise that this will be the last of my Spring cleaning videos! I know I have went a little over board.

Also sorry about outside noise of trains and dogs. Finally warm enough to have the window open and now I remember why you shouldn’t record whilst the window open.


Bathroom Storage – Spring Clean

Final day of my big spring clean and I am tackling the bathroom… well the bathroom draws as I don’t keep anything else in the bathroom other than this.

I also had to film in my bedroom due to where the draws are in my bathroom and the noise of the fan would have been very distracting as well.

Nail Varnish Organisation – Spring Clean

So my nail vanish collection was not working for me so I decided to go with a beautifully organised nail varnish stand. It will also help me not buy any more nail varnishes as they all fit perfectly.


5 Tier Nail Polish stand:…
(I will say that all the other reviews for this was positive and is a great stand so don’t let the fact that mine came minus one hole put you off buying it)


Decluttering Tips – Spring Clean

I am uploading every day this week Mon-Fri as part of a spring cleaning mini-series.

And to start it all off I am going to give my tips to spring cleaning and more specifically how to declutter your makeup, cosmetics and wardrobe.

I will be showing you some of this spring cleaning in the next week!

Upcycle cans to a pen pot

So I fell down the pointers rabbit hole during the week and I decided to make myself a desk tidy/ pen pot for my cluttered desk.

It is made by using two cans, some paint, half a meter of ribbon and some super glue.

So to start off wash and dry the cans and make sure there is no sharp edges where the cans were opened. Then paint them, use a few layers to give a good texture. I used a tester pot of wall paint but acrylic works great.

Measure out the ribbon by wrapping it around the can and then secure. You need to use a strong glue so either super glue or a hot glue gun works well. Then stick the two cans together using the glue to make the pen pots together.





Easy Button Cards

So a few days ago I decided to pay around with some buttons and some blank cards and see what I came up with. I think if you want to make these button cards yourself it is easier to get a bunch of buttons and just play around with them and see the combinations that come out of that there is no strict formula.

I got these blank cards and the black and white buttons from hobby craft and I got the green buttons from a local fabric shop. All of the buttons were stuck down with PVA.
Black and Minimal

A simple row of black buttons can really create a simple yet pretty card.
The plant pot

This uses very simple paint (as in a line and a trapezium) and then adding the buttons on in size order. I used water colour pencils so I just coloured the shape in and then added water even the colour out.
White heart

Now this is a cute one for someone special. Using the heart shaped buttons and creating a heart.

Butterfly Wall Art

So this is a wall art mainly inspired by this video by Aira Tran where she shows how to make a spiral version of this butterfly design. The butterflies are the standard simple origami pattern and you can watch the video to see how easy it really is.

For this all you need is paper cut in to squares I used 9.9cm square paper (6 squares out of a sheet of A4) and used 5 colours. I started with them densely packed at the corners then spread them out at the edges.
Butterfly Wall Art