New Hair

After over nine months I have finally decided to go top the hairdressers! So I return to the blonde ombre.

It took 2 and a half hours, a lot of dye, and so much foil in my hair I was receiving light frequency radio.

My hair was done at Prestige in Lancaster and they are amazing. Also, compliments to their social media manager as I was able to find them and decided to use them due to their facebook page that was very helpful and gave before and after shots of clients.

My hair has just not been damaged or full of split ends like it was before I did the major chop a year and a half ago so I never felt like going to get it done. But I was bored with it all so I have now got my hair back to what I think of as normal.

But I will stop writing as you just want to see the photos…

The hair looks brighter under my studio lights.

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Slightly arty shot of the side of my ombré hair!

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Back to the ombré #blondeshavemorefun

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A few hair tutorials…

So today is just a simple post of a few hair tutorials that I have done on my YouTube channel. All ranging in difficulty and style. These are all the ones when I had very long hair that you may have not seen before…

And to round of this post if you haven’t already seen me cut my hair off so I can donate it to The Little Princess Trust for a child with cancer in need of a wig.

Review: Lush Roots hair treatment

Roots is honestly the first lush hair product I have used I tend to stay to bath and skin products as I have never seen much use for hair products as I don’t do much to my hair. However I decided to pick this one up because I heard amazing things about it.

I am glad to report that it is worth the hype. So very simply it is a hair mask that you leave on for 15 to 20 minutes whist you massage it in to your hair and scalp; so it is hair treatment mixed with a head massage.

P1080123The idea that the combination of the massage of the scalp and the product is supposed to stimulate hair growth. The main ingredient to stimulate hair growth is mint and it is very mint heavy; I will say that this is one of the most strongly smelling products that Lush produces so keep that in mind when purchasing.

There is also a hint of citrus behind the mint to help balance out the smell. Other ingredients are olive oil to strengthen the hair, honey to smooth the hair and nettle to keep your hair nice and shiny.

So lets talk about application. Apply to dry hair and massage in to your scalp. I don’t know about anyone else but I had a odd tingling sensation when applying; it wasn’t unpleasant but it felt like the product was actually doing something.

Once it has been on your head for 20 (ish) minutes rinse and wash your hair normally. I love doing this when I need my hair to be super soft and shiny because I don’t even need conditioner to make my hair feel amazing. I rinse it off and may hair feels so fresh but not weighted down in any way.

I feel with a lot of hair products that are to nourish fine hair it just ends up making the hair really flat because you add in too much product. I don’t feel that this is the case with Roots; it feels nourished but not weighed down.

So this review has been really positive until this point. My main issue with Lush is the price; I love their products but as it stands I feel that I can’t use their products when I know there is a cheeper alternative. Eg. Using coconut oil as a hair makes; just as natural without the high price tag.

The 225g bottle is £10.25 and I, with the amount of hair I have, will probably get only 8 treatments out of that pot. So economically speaking I really don’t think this is worth it. I love the product but the pice tag that Lush is placing it as makes it not really worth it.

If you have that kind of money to throw around then I would really recommend Roots however if you are looking for a really nice hair treatment on a budget possibly try using coconut oil.


Babyliss Curl Secret First Impressions

So because it was my birthday at the weekend I decided to treat myself and buy the Babyliss Curl Secret saying tool. This is my first impressions and mini review of it.

I will do a full review here once I have used it more and also a clear tutorial on what to do once I have mastered it.