Purple, Green Le Nudes Look


A cheeky Bourjois Haul

I went on a little spree the other day and bought some Bourjois products and this is what I got.

First is the La Palette Nudes which is an extremely glittery palette that is full of natural shades with pastels. This is a palette that can used during the day because of the slightly muted shades, but they should be used sparingly as they are very glittery. The lighter colours aren’t too pigmented, but the darker shades are very deep and blendable.

The next thing is the Rouge Velvet lipstick which is one of the best lip stains that lasts all day. The shade is a little on the orange side meaning that it isn’t too wearable for my skin tone but others can use it daily depending on the skin tone.

The Radiance Reveal concealer I picked up because it was actually one of the only conclears that are on the high street market that is in my shade. The shade being extreme pale. It is great for spot and under eye concealing and has a light consistency but is very pigmented.

The last two products are my favourite type of products they don’t do anything special but do the job they set out to do. That is the best type of products. They are the Volume Clubbing Mascara and the Liner Feutre Eye Liner.

Also due to a free offer at Boots half these products were free and came with this awesome bag as you can see below.

Final thing, these photos were posted a while ago as I post haul photos before I test them for the blog so check out my Instagram for my lastest products.

An overview of the @bourjois_uk haul

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Palette Les Nudes from @bourjois_uk

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My updated everyday makeup

An updated version of my everyday makeup routine that I am using at the moment. I do change aspects, pretty much, every day in terms of eye shadow or lipstick but this is the basics of what I do.

My favourite purple lipsticks

Purple is often underrated as a lip colour. The colour is disregarded for being too different from your natural lip colour but let’s face it who really has bright red or pink lips anyway.

Purple is great for Autumn or fall as it’s a darker shade so it is a good transition colour. However, I love using the shades all year round, but I do only use the very dark shades for the gloomier months.


These are my top three purple lips. They all just happen to be by Revlon so they are affordable and easy to find.

Parisian Passion // Colourstay Moisture Stain

This is one of the darkest lip shades that I have but don’t let that put you off. The colour can be worn two ways. The first is with a very light coat to create a stain – so slide on the shade leave it for a minute or two and then wipe off the excess. You will be left with a light colour that lasts all day.

The second way is by adding the shade on thickly to make an intense dark colour. This will make the lipstick feel more like a gloss but it is so pigmented it is unbelievable. It will come off like a gloss but you will be left behind with a very deep purple stain.

Berry Couture // Super Lustrous Lipstick

I am not really a fan of standard lipsticks but this one is the exception. It works like a regular lipstick and makes no claims of lasting all day but in terms of the texture of the lipstick it is amazing. This is a buttery formulation that gives a great colour.

The shade is a deep purple shade in the bullet but glides on to make a great purple shade. It does need to be topped up every so often but is perfect as a wearable day shade.

Berry Smoothie // Colourbust Lip butter

The last on the list is for those testing the waters with purple – the ones who think they can’t rock this shade, p.s. you can!

The lip butters are one of my favourite products from Revlon as they are as moisturising as a lip balm but have a beautiful colour as well. Making this the best to wear in Autumn as you can have a great seasonal shade with something that is going to help with those chapped lips that Autumn brings. The colour is quite sheer but still gives a great purple tint.


So those are my favourite purple lip shades; let me know yours in the comments.

Check out my YouTube channel for a few looks I have done for Autumn as there are a lot of ways to rock a purple lip.

Chanel ‘La Rouge’ Autumn smoke

Using the new La Rouge collection from Chanel and I created a great earth-toned look for Autumn.

Main products used are the eyeshadow quad and the ‘Eros’ eyeliner. First impressions video is on my channel and photos of the collection can be found on the blog