My top 5 Ciaté nail varnishes

My top 5 favourite nail varnishes (top clockwise) Locket, Hutch, Cookies and Cream, Double Bubblegum and Cutie Pie.

Locket is the most amazing silver glitter shade that has a great amount of foil pieces and glitter to make it an awesome shade for jazzing up any shade base coat.

Hutch is my favourite red by Ciaté because it is a deep red that is perfect for Autumn Winter. I think of this shade like a classic 50’s red lip red – deep and striking.

Cookies and Cream may look quite bland but it is the most perfect nude shade to wear for those occasions where you need your nails to be pretty but understated.

Double Bubblegum is a great shade as it is a blue toned purple which gives wearing a purple shade on your nails look more mature and sophisticated. The light shade is slightly muted so works for all seasons.

Finally we have Cutie Pie and don’t be put off by the name this shade is perfect for that fresh natural nail. If you want a varnish that looks great and perfect for professional wear then look no further.


Top 5 Simple Products

My top 5 favourite Simple Skincare products. I love Simple because they are inexpensive, I have never had an issue with them in terms of making my skin issues (dry skin, oil, spots) worse and there is a great range of products to suit anyone’s routine.

Top 5: Eyeshadow Palettes


Another top 5 for you today guys and this is on my favourite eyeshadow palettes. Palettes are great when you are just starting out with make up or you are not too sure what goes with what when it comes to colours.

Eyeshadow palettes are designed so you can use a variety of colours at once and they tend to have similar textures or styles depending on what palette so it makes creating eyeshadow look much easier.

So here are my top 5 eyeshadow palettes in no particular order (and sorry if some look well loved but they are my favourite):


The first is the Sleek Storm palette. I have had this one for years and I love it because it is so versatile. I have often compared this to the Urban Decay Naked Palette however this one has the thing the Naked 1 doesn’t have and that is a good jet black shade; and I feel black is essential for any look.

I love this to travel with because of it’s sleek (no pun intended) design and the colours are extremely pigmented. I love the high statin/ glitter finish on nearly all the eyeshadows and this just makes them so creamy and easy to blend. The three mattes are also very easy to blend.

I would recommend this as a palette for absolute beginners because it is £7.99 and very good quality so there is not much effort that needs to happen to get great results.


The next is the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette and if you know anything about makeup you know about this palette. I love the first palette as I think it is the most universal and the best for all year round looks. I like the other two however their colours are won’t suit everyone and the colours feel more seasonal.

The pigmentation of these eyeshadows are just amazing and you really need very little to make a look stunning. I like the versatility of this palette as you can use the shades for day and night looks. The warm golds combined with the cooler tones at the end makes this such a great colour combination.

For £35 this is a bit of a splurge piece but I think that it is really worth it. As long as you ignore the terrible packaging – like seriously what is with that tiny mirror.


Smashbox On the Rocks palette has one of the best variety in textures of a palette you could think of. There are mattes, satin, pearl and glitter finishes to the eyeshadows so if you love playing with texture as well as colour then this is great for you.

The colours are very dark so I would not classify this as a day or universal palette it is mainly for going out when you want a very heavy smokey look. The pigmentation is amazing and it is very easy to use and blend in to each colour. I will say the shades do look quite similar form far away when applied so don’t expect amazing colour destination but the textures always appear to be different.


The Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 palette is a full dupe (it is even marketed as a dupe) for the Lorac Pro palette. Now as price goes this is amazing this palette is £6.99 where as the Lorac is around £45. Big difference. Now I haven’t tried the Lorac palette but I can’t imagine that it could get any better than this one.

This one is perfect for all the time usage. The top row is all matte and the bottom is a satin finish so there is lots of choice in what to do with it. I love using this for either very subtile day looks or very striking night time looks.

Again like the Sleek Storm palette I would say that this is a great one for beginners as it is very easy to use and has a good range. It also comes with a double ended brush.


I know this is another Urban Decay palette but this one is amazing. This one is the Ammo palette and this has the most amazing range of shades. Trying to find a good multi-coloured or rainbow palette can leave you feeling over whelmed by the choice of colour. This however has the perfect range if you want to create some very sticking colourful looks.

I love the finishes of these eyeshadows as they are mostly satin finishes that look very glittery on the eyes, especially in day light. I love layering these different shades to make new combinations.

I ma not sure this one is still available in store however have a look on eBay as it is really worth it.

Top 5 Nail Varnishes


This is my top five nail vanishes. I have decided to do a general top five where I take a specific section of beauty or cosmetics and talk about them. Starting with my all time favourite thing… nail varnishes.

As always the list is in no particular order and to start two honourable mentions:

Essie’s ‘Tea and Crumpets’ this is a very light peachy pink shade. It is not overly pigmented and I kind of like that I use this mainly as shade when I don’t want any noticeable shade on my nails but I want them to look neat and clean.

The second honourable mention is Ciate’s ‘Locket’ shade. This is a very glittery shade it combines large silver shapes with very fine glitter and it is just amazing. It isn’t a glitter that makes your nails all bumpy because the glitter is really thick and it is just incredible. Not on my top five just because it is an over lay shade and not for every day.

Now for the top five:


So the first in the Barry M silk nail varnish. I love this one because it has a really interesting look on the nails. It is not a texture that is normal for a nail varnish. It is as the name implies a silk texture.

It is a shimmy shade without a gloss finish. This actually makes it dry really quickly because it is not a shiny finish. The texture of the varnish when applying is fairly thick but again I think this helps with the drying process.

The three shade I have in this type is Pearl, pictured, and that is a white, Heather, and that is a mid toned purple shade and finally Truffle and that is a taupe brown shade. All have the same multi-coloured shimmer to them so the colour is lifted from being a flat shade.


The Speedy Quick Dry formulation from Barry M is everything that you want in a nail varnish for those who don’t like to wait around for your nails to dry. This one is not as fast as the Avon Speed Dry that I will talk about further down but it is very fast to dry out.

What I love about this nail varnish is the bush and how the nail varnish itself is a very thin texture and I think that this helps with the application become a lot quicker.

The two shade I have are both a muted grey colours the first is the one pictured, Lap of Honour, and the other is of the same shade in blue called Eat my Dust.


The next is a colour that I have had for years, well not this pot exactly I have repurchased about three times. This is my number one go to colour I love the fact that it is a pink shade that doesn’t feel too girly.

The shade Grape of the Rimmel London Lycra Pro shade is my absolute favourite of the colours. I also have the shade Oyster Pink and this is good if you just want a wash of colour with a tiny bit of shimmer.

Do I really believe the whole 10 day wear part of the advertisement… not really as it does start to chip after a week or so but it does hold up a lot better than other nail varnishes that I have tried.

Maxfactor Glossfinity in the shade Angle Nails is one of the best nail varnishes that I use for the holiday season or for parties.

The shade itself is very sparkly however it is not have any glitter in it so it applies very smoothly. The shade itself is a purple silver colour with silver slitter running through out.

I love this shade because it really does go with everything. It can be worn every day and for nights out as it is a very sparkly beautiful shade. I love the formation of this nail varnish I want to try more of this range because it is a great formulation.


This is the quickest nail varnish I have ever used. 30 second is not a stupid ad campaign it really does tell the truth.

I have five of the shades but I am just going to talk about the two darkest shades that I have because I think that the colour pay off is so much better with the darker shades than the lighter ones. The light shades aren’t as pigmented as I like and leave a sheer colour on your nails.

The two I love the most are Smokey Plums, pictured, and that is a dark plum shade. The other is expresso mocha and that is such a dark brown it almost looks black on the nails. These shade are great because they are dark but also very glossy and they dry on 30 seconds. Well the first coat dries in 30 seconds leave the second coat for at least a minute.

Top 5: Body Shop Products


So I love the Body Shop. I used the body shop for years and I know that it is a little expensive compared to other products but I think that it really is worth it.

I think it is a great for any and all skin types because in each range of products there are different types to suit what you like from a product. There are thongs for dry skin, ageing skin, combination or oily skin and in those ranges there is everything from deep cleansing to daily products.

I would recommend that you try them out especially if you have a specific skin complaint.

So as always a two honourable mentions that didn’t make the list.

So the first is the soap and this comes in all the different flavours and variety. I love this because it is lathers up really easily and is a very hard soap, sorry if I sound dumb saying that, but because of it being so hard it lasts a very long time. Compared to most soaps it is expensive as it is £2 per bar but it is worth it as it lasts a very long time.

The last honourable mention is the peppermint intensive foot rescue; this is very simply a very thick foot cream that smells like peppermint. First off the smell is amazing but also the thickness of the product means that it works really well on very dry skin. I especially love putting this on before bed and put a tick layer on then bed socks and the morning after you have completely smooth skin on your feet.

As always my top 5 in no particular order:


First, the shower gel. This one comes in all the different flavours and smells that the body shop does. I love this because it lathers up so easily you don’t need a lot of product at all. You can buy the large bottles online or in stores around sale time; I would recommend getting the one with the pump as you use far less and it will last you longer. I use about two pumps per wash and a entire 750ml bottle lasts me a year. Such great value for money.

Next we have the body scrubs, again available in all flavours, I love this one because it is a very dense scrub with corse exfoliation. I use this every three days or so because it exfoliates so well there is no need to do this every time you have a shower. This is not great value for money as it is expensive for the amount that you use, as it is very thick you do need to use a lot but it is really worth it.

The next thing is probably what the body shop is most famous for: their body butters. These are just amazing. I get very dry skin especially on my legs and this is so moisturising that it completely treats this after the first application. I cannot fault this at all.

Slight digression but my favourite flavours are the moringa smell and this is a very light floral smell, the strawberry flavour that smells just like fresh strawberries and, of course, the chocomania and this is a really rich chocolate smell. Digression over back to the top 5.

Next is the deep cleansing facial wash and this is another one of the Body Shops products that is really with it in terms of value for money. You need around a bean amount for your face per wash and this just deep cleanses your skin like you have spend the afternoon having a facial. The price is £9 per bottle and yes it is a lot but you will use very little. I would recommend only using this when you have very oily skin as it really purifies the face and also only use it twice a week maximum. This is by far the best facial wash for oily and spotty skin.

Finally we have my all time favourite makeup remover and that is the camomile oil makeup remover. This stuff is like magic it removes all makeup including water proof mascara from your face. I apply this by putting some in my hand and the applying to my face and gently massaging it in; I wash my face over with warm water and all makeup is gone. This is good for those who wear heavy makeup as it makes sure you have no panda eyes in the morning.

That is it for this Top 5 I hope that you have enjoyed this and I will have another Top 5 next week.

Top 5: Rimmel London Products


So I am starting a new series about my favorite beauty brands and the best products within that brand; this is taking over the character wardrobe raid as that failed miserably. So I am going to start off with Rimmel London.

Rimmel London is a UK company and it is about middle of the road in terms of high street price. Not overly expensive but actually does what it says on the tin.

So first off some honorable mentions:

Lasting finish soft colour blush: this is a great product as it applies evenly and has great pigmentation. I feel that it lasts all day and is an overall great blush. My favorite shade is Pink Rose and that is really rose colour natural with a touch of shimmer.

The eye pencils: these are great for long day wear and for smoking out for a really easy smokey eye. I love the dark brown and it really does last all day. I will say that these will last on your eye if you don’t touch your eye; if you do it has a habit of smudging everywhere.

Now to the full list (in no particular order)


Firstly, the exaggerate eyeliner in black. First thing to say is that this is a matte colour it is not glossy in any way and creates a very striking looking eyeliner. I love this because it brings a good contrast in to the eye if you have a shimmery eyeshadow on. All because it dries matte it stays on for longer as the liquid dies firm. However after a long time so say around 12 hours the eyeliner starts to flake off; this can be an issue but it is better than it smudging off.

Secondly the match perfection foundation. I keep coming back to this foundation again and again mainly for two reasons: it is one of very few drugstore foundations that suit my very pale, pink toned skin and also it is a light but buildable coverage. I use this foundation mainly during the day if I just want something to even out my skin tone and not have too much product on my skin. The foundation is quite liquidly and that means that it is easy to apply a thin coat and if you want more coverage wait for it to dry slightly and reapply to make a medium coverage.

The Rimmel London BB Cream is amazing for pale skin I think this is one of the only BB creams in a drug store that suits very pale skin. This is good if you want a very light coverage to even out the skin. This is more densely pigmented than other BB creams I have tried so you actually have good coverage without needing canceller. I especially love this in the summer because it is really light on the skin and creates a nice dewy glow to the skin also it has SPF 25 and that is always a bonus.

Next we have the Glam eyes day-to-night mascara this has two settings one for thickness and another for lengthening. It is the same brush just with the lengthening side the applicator takes off more product so it is easy to have longer lashes. The brush is very useful but also the formulation is very good and doesn’t fake at all on me.

Finally we have the brow this way gel, this is one of the very first brow gels to come out in UK drugstores and I am go glad for it. The brush is small and works really well at combing through the brow hairs and the colour is a really nice natural shade. I will say when you first get it the brush at the start has too much product on but that is the only complaint I have.

So that is the end of this top 5, let me know any other Rimmel products I should try as I do really love them.