Manchester Independent Coffee Shops

A tour of a few of my favourite independent coffee shops in Manchester plus details about my coffee shop crawl.

Ancoats Coffee

#latte and a #cappuccino from @ancoatscoffeeco

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Roasting their beans onsite so the smell of fresh coffee is wafting through the cafe the entire time. The house blend is quite strong and bitter however have it with a latte it becomes much smoother.
The overall feel of the cafe is industrial and perfect for meetings or working away from the office. It is not overly cosy but, if you are like me, and spend half your life in coffee shops blogging this one is perfect.

Federal Coffee

#avocado #bacon and #eggs from @federalcafebar

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An Australian and New Zealand style cafe that feels a lot like it would fit perfectly into Albert Park in Melbourne or Parnell in Auckland. The latter, I can say from experience.
Rustic and chic with great food. I didn’t actually have coffee here due to the coffee shop crawl and needing to minimise the amount of caffeine I have in the day. But I did eat the food and it was the best lunch that I have ever had.
I had smashed avocado with bacon, rocket and eggs. Everything was to perfection and worked so great together. The cafe also sold traditional Australian cakes although if it were authentically OZ or NZ, there wouldn’t have lattes and cappuccinos on the menus – flat whites all around.

Pot Kettle Black

#coldbrew at @pkbcoffee

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#saltedcaramel #brownie at @pkbcoffee

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Located in an arcade just off Deansgate, I have probaly walked passed this coffee shop more times than I can count but I wish I had found it sooner. This is you all rounder. The place you go to catch up with friends or with work as it has a very balanced mix of seating and atmosphere.
The coffee is smooth and served with a wafer biscuit. It is also one of the few places that I have found places to serve cold brew.
Cake variety is a bit lacking unless you like brownies and then you have a choice of about ten different flavours, I went for the salted caramel because I was on a hipster trip.


The video of the tour


Vlogs from London

The main reason I have been MIA the past week is that I was down in London. I had two meetings, a awards show and went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

So altogether a very hectic few days. I did manage to vlog a bit when I was down there and this is the three vlogs I managed to make when down there:

Travelling down to London

This is the journey that I took last month from Euston to Greenwich. I was staying in London for the month and this was the only time I did any vlogging because I wanted to live in London and not experience it as a tourist.

So this is one of the very few times that I vlog outside and do a bit of daily vlogging.

What’s in my train case?

This is what I would love to pack if I had an unlimited amount of space or I was going away to somewhere fabulous!

Where I got the vanity case from:

My holiday to Cornwall in Instagram posts

I made a real effort to actually document my holiday in photos both on my camera but to also upload to Instagram. It was actually really good to remember places and things especially with the location tagging I could visually see where I have been.

So I thought I would show the collection to you now. I will also do this on any other times that I am travelling as it was amazing to see all the posts and to update them in real time.

Some of the photos I uploaded after I got back as they are from my camera but the majority are shot from my phone and uploaded there and then (or when I had signal).

Fresh crab claws – hard to eat but so worth it!

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Lemon and thyme posset – so good!

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View from Cape Cornwall! #travel

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The view from the other side of Cape Cornwall! #travel

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Fresh pizza at the festival in Gurnards Head!

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View of post lunch walk below the Gurnard's Head.

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I was trying to be very restraint in a vineyard shop!

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Now that is what I call an independent cinema! Quirky and beautiful!

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Salmon, avocado and pomegranate seed salad. #yum

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Saint Michael's Mount – all arty and back lit!

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First Cornish pasty – well meat pasty in Cornwall! #food

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On the boat back from St Michael's

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Not prefect beach or sandals but sand in shoes is always an amazing feeling!

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Uploading the camera photos from my holiday – View from windows of the castle.

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Uploading the camera photos from my holiday – castle with a view…

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Castle with a view! #kingarthur #castle #travel

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Sun setting on my holiday 🙁 (but it is really pretty!)

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Holiday to Cornwall – Vlog

Whilst in Cornwall, England, I decided to log but without being too direct to the camera like most vlogs as I decided I would let the video speak for itself. However there needed to be a small amount of context so that is why the Instagram photos are dotted in to tell you exactly where each shot was taken.

The won’t be the context of the entire shot and the filming of each section or why I was there but it gives you an overview of what my long weekend was really about.

I am going to do a written travel piece about Cornwall so follow my blog to see that in future days.

TEAL Magazine Front Cover

So this is the front cover for TEAL magazine. This is a basic front cover for the magazine. So the country or place of the month will have the main image with the other features around the side.

Features list down the side are what I am planning to do.

I also still need people to fill out this quick survey about my magazine:

Thanks for all your support.


Packing for a beach holiday: Suitcase

How I pack the rest of my suitcase! So these are all the clothes and extras that I pack. This is a bag that would fit in the cabin however with all the liquids I check this bag in.

Hope you guys like this video and don’t miss out on the video about the beauty products that I pack that is already up.