A cheeky Bourjois haul

A cheeky @bourjois_uk haul // #beauty #faves

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An overview of the @bourjois_uk haul

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Clothing haul – Dorothy Perkins, Boohoo, Monsoon

I decided to treat myself to a couple of new things. So this is a haul of things from Monsoon, Primark, Dorothy Perkins and Boohoo.

Let me know about any other fashion videos you want to see in the future as I really want to do more fashion related posts and want to know what you think about that.

Decluttering Tips – Spring Clean

I am uploading every day this week Mon-Fri as part of a spring cleaning mini-series.

And to start it all off I am going to give my tips to spring cleaning and more specifically how to declutter your makeup, cosmetics and wardrobe.

I will be showing you some of this spring cleaning in the next week!

Supergirl Outfit DIY

So I have been loving the new Supergirl TV remake as it shows Supergirl as a strong heroine but also a normal woman in the 21st century. Yeah she can be crazy strong but she is also vulnerable and is more human than she was portrayed in the comic books.

I loved reading Supergirl comics of my mum’s when I was a kid.

This is a DIY I made a year and a bit ago but never published on this blog. It is a really simple Supergirl outfit that is very cheep and anyone can do!

Oasis wish list

I was browsing Osais and I was filling up a shopping cart of all the things I can’t afford so I decided instead of waste this imaginary shopping basket of the things that I want I will make it in to a wish list blog.

I love the prints and colours of all these items mostly flower and butterfly prints as I am getting prepared for Spring and Summer. I know it is February but the snow drops are out so it is nearly Spring alright!

The striped dress I feel that would work all year round and I love the hint of the salmon pink colour within the blue.

Oasis wish list

The arbitrary and sappy 1,000 subscribers post

Let me journey back 21 days ago when I had 680 subscribers and I set a goal of gaining 1000 subscribers within a year. I thought that this goal was achievable yet would mean I would need to put in a lot of work to make it happen.

So lets move back in to the present and tell you my subscriber count now reads: 1,300!

What the FUCK!?

How on Earth or any other planet did that happen!

Well I do know how this happened as the video of me cutting my own hair off has somehow has 250,000 views. How that video suddenly gained so many views confuses me even more.

So I have reached one of my goals for 2016 and it isn’t even February this means that my goal posts need to change and I need to come up with another number to work towards.

5,000 feel a good finish the year with?

That number is insane but making goals would not feel easy that should be a challenge. Any goal in life should. I have often tried to push myself to do the best that I can. I have often just fallen on my arse when doing this but I would m0re rather say that I have tried and failed than never did in the first place.

I have been making videos on YouTube for 4 years and I have learnt more about myself and about the media industry in that time than I ever thought possible. I went from basic editing and harsh jump cuts to a smoother video and a lot more confident attitude when filming.

So that is all, thank you to all who subscribe and I now hope to not let 1,300 people down and produce good content.

-hugs Vicki